Auto clock calibration for ATmega microcontrollers

Have you ever been in need for a precise PWM control on motors throughout an extended temperature range but your ultra low cost micro controller doesn’t support your toughest requirement? That’s a common issue quite easy to solve, just read through the article to find a good advice. We’ll use a design reference using ATmega328p because it is widely used and adopted in Arduino UNO boards.

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Redmine, an overview

Purpose of this post is to give an overview of Redmine main functionalities to simplify evaluation for adoption into your organization.

Redmine is an application written and maintained by Jean-Philippe Lang (link) that improved over the years so to be an accountable alternative as issue tracker due to its open nature and GPLv2 license.
Issue tracker management is of course a fundamental step to achieve mature operations: into this article I will mention main features and settings from administrator and user perspectives to simplify your choice adapting tool to your established process.
For a good reference book I can suggest “Mastering Redmine”, by Andriy Lesyuk (link).

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